"If one hope is all you have, you already have more than most."

I've been thinking lately about the new new year and all the things that I'm going to do to make it better than this year. I'm going to learn more, eat healthier, be patient, explore, travel, and work on those occasional swears that still slip out when I'm frustrated( hence the be patient) I've given up all sorts of vices over the past two years you'd think that it would be easier... As I am busy looking ahead I had to take a moment to look back over this year and give thanks for ALL of the amazing support I have been given and for the unbelievable blessings that have been rained down on my head. In those moments of pure and complete desolation, despair, and grief, I never would have thought that getting a divorce would be the thing that set me free and gave me direction. No, I'm not crazy, I just have hope, and clarity, a wonderment of peace has been given to my life. I look forward to the next chapter and know that as I continue on this path I will be blessed with all I need and surrounded with people who have my best interest in mind. 2012 I welcome you and hope that I never forget the blessings of 2011.

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